Dr. Koh Lam Son


Dr Koh Lam Son


Dr. Koh Lam Son has had an illustrious career for over 30 years, building one of the most successful private practices in Obstetrics & Gynaecology based in Singapore. He was one of the country’s first double board-certified O&G surgeons and has delivered thousands of healthy babies.

In 2010, Dr. Koh started shifting focus towards Preventative Medicine as he started to see the gaps in the system and saw himself physically fall prey to the stressors and conveniences of modern-day living. He started attending numerous conferences around the world to learn more about what medical school didn’t teach him and developed a keen interest in the world of optimising our bodies as we age. He started successfully incorporating these techniques into his practice, as well as his personal life, with much success.

Today, Dr. Koh continues with his practice, and focuses on the areas of hormones, cellular hydration and rejuvenation, women and men health, supplementation, and nutrition to complement his medical practice. Dr. Koh has interests in Age Management & Preventative Medicine, Hormone Management, Stem Cell Education, Post-Partum Care, and Lifestyle Wellness.